OB moving forward……….



Well…..where has the time gone? I can’t believe it was November since our last catch up but then so much has been happening here at OB and we need to be telling you all about it!

Puppies – Our two litters that we have had here at OB since November are all now settled in their Forever homes and doing well. We have also been busy assisting a couple of our customers find homes for their litters of 13 absolutely beautiful Red and White British Bulldogs. They all left here with wonderful traditional names such as Hilda, Doris, Henry, Winnie and Ruby.

OB Food – We have been really busy sourcing new products and flavours to add to our existing range. It is really important that our food is made from 100% fresh ingredients to provide the best for your dogs. For further information visit our ‘food page’ at the link below where you will be able to see how our products are selected. https://www.oliverbulldogs.co.uk/services/waiting-list/

OB Boutique – We are very pleased to welcome Nicky into the OB team as our Buying Director. Nicky has travelled the world and has experience in many areas of the retail market. She has been busy sourcing and designing exclusive items for our OB customers to ensure our OB family stands out from the crowd. Our first range ‘Urban’ will be coming to our website very soon.

OB Stud service – We have been really busy in the last few months with our stud service and are proud to say that our excellent service offers the following:

  • Pedigree compatibility checks for inbreeding coefficiency – to ensure the pure breed lines are continued.
  • Ovulation testing to ensure breeding at the optimum time for best results.
  • Sperm testing to ensure quality and optimum success of mating.
  • Artificial insemination or natural mating.
  • Pregnancy scanning in week 5 to see if your girl is pregnant and estimate howmany puppies she is carrying.
  • Additional services can ne purchased.Secure Client Database and Admin Services – We were very lucky to have had Annette join the OB team in October 2016. Her fantastic skills that she hasbrought to OB have resulted in the introduction of a new secure database system of our OB family. Just one benefit of this system means we can keep a complete breeding history of all our dams to improve their safety and well being during breeding. Annette is pro active and continuously looks at introducing new systems to improve our services.We always love to hear from our customers, both old and new, whether it is for information, to update or just a chat. We’re here to help you as our customers and our friends, just call us…….