King Alfred

Bulldog Royalty

King Alfred has an outstanding big head, full of wrinkles, no deformity, classic example of a fit healthy bulldog, with no health issues.

He is  a deep, rosey red colour.

He is very muscular, big set, big paws, traditional classic British bulldog at stud & knows his job very well!

Very good with kids, very soft loving temperament.

He has been hand picked to work alongside our boys to create lines to satisfy customer’s needs. His last sperm test which came back with 93% mobility! He is HUU clear – Test results shown here:

Tested for the A-LOCUS (Tri colouring) and D-LOCUS DILUTION (Blue colouring) after throwing some mixed litters, it has been proven that he carries the D-LOCUS GENE and the AY-Allele.

Price: £600


For peace of mind we will include pictures and a video of your bitch being mated to ensure you are 100% confident about our service. All footage must be viewed at time of collecting your bitch and remains the property of Oliver Bulldogs, footage will be deleted shortly after your bitch leaves our premises.

Included in the price we do ovulation tests on all bitches to ensure we get your girl at the most optimum time, which is when the eggs are soft and she is most fertile. This helps to maximize the success of conceivement. A 28 day scan is also included.

We offer an artificial insemination service for all breeds, which is a very clean, disease free way of mating. If preferred we offer a natural mating too.

All bitches that come to us are fully looked after with VIP treatment, which includes a beautiful garden with safe surroundings guarded and protected by high performance security cameras and alarms. Pictures show where your bitch will spend a few days.

With every remate the customer must only pay for the blood test which is £60.

Boarding Service

After your bitch has been successfully mated it is important that you plan to pick her back up as soon as possible. For every day your bitch has to stay with us there will be an extra charge of £25 per day for a boarding service.

Collection & Delivery Service

We offer a pick up & drop off service. Our vans are fully equipped with air-conditioned units within the cages. As you know some Bulldogs can suffer from heat exhaustion and stress that can cause problems on the journey. This service is charged at £1 a mile (one way).

Health Check

A Health check is completed on your bitch before she is left with us and on collection to ensure there are no issues.  Oliver Bulldogs will do their utmost to care for your bitch whilst in our possession but are not responsible for any conditions that may occur thereafter.  We will keep you updated if we have any concerns regarding their welfare whatsoever.

Customer Feedback On King Alfred

“HUGE thanks to the OB team fantastic service from lovely people. We used king Alfred what a stud he is. I’m sure him and my girl daisy are going to produce loads of healthy bully pups Looking forward to coming back for the scan to find out. I can’t praise u enough. You’ve made things so stress free and all I’m left with is excitement for what’s to come. I’ll be recommending u to everyone and will definitely be using u again in the future.”

Renea Lear –  April, 2nd , 2015

“Took out British bulldog for her scan on Friday after mating with king Alfred and was pleased to find out she’s expecting puppies in 4 week : ) booked her in for her c section and there’s no were else I’d rather her go trust Steve and Michelle 100% thanks to all at ob “

Stacey – March, 13th , 2014

“massive thanks to Steve and Michelle for all the help and advice in the mating, scanning and c section for our bulldog ruby with king alfred, who produced an amazing litter, highly recommended. Richard & Karla (LIVERPOOL)”

Richard –  March, 6th, 2014


King Alfred's Pups!

King alfred puppies
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