Now Open!!!!- Progesterone Test Results In 30 Minutes!!!!!

Now Open!!!– progesterone results in 30minutes!!! (Approx.)

Oliverbulldogs are excited to introduce our new clinic Based in Derbyshire – serving the UK (mobile service available)

Here at OB, we support all our customers in producing healthy litters of excellent quality. As experienced breeders, we know that nature is nature and breeding does not always run smoothly. We aim to assist you through the entire process, making things as easy as possible.

We are therefore excited to announce that here at OB; we are expanding our services and opening our mobile clinic in January 2018. Our new equipment will include the Tosoh AIA 360, state of the art ultrasound-scanning machine and microscope that will enable us to provide the following services:


• 7/11 Progesterone blood tests with results in approximately 30minutes
• Sperm testing
• Frozen sperm and shipping
• Ultrasounds – out of hours available
• Micro chipping


The most successful time to mate a bitch is two days after she has ovulated, but how do you know when this is?

The only reliable method of predicting ovulation in a bitch is by a progesterone blood test. Even experienced breeders can have difficulty judging the prime time to mate as some bitches may ovulate as early as day 6/7 and others as late as day 25. Here at Oliverbulldogs, we therefore begin testing progesterone levels at around day 9 after the start of pro-oestrus (vulval bleeding and swelling), and repeat the test two/three days later depending on the result.

Following ovulation, it takes approximately 48 hours for eggs to mature before they can be fertilized and takes around 12 hours for fresh sperm cells to fertilise an egg. Canine sperm cells can live up to five days inside the reproductive tract of the bitch, therefore even though the ideal time to mate is two days after ovulation, matings just before ovulation can still produce puppies. We recommend two matings of 48 hours apart if possible.

Here at OB, we are able to offer the progesterone blood tests in-house from 07:00-23:00 7 days a week with your results in approximately 30 MINUTES to ensure you do not miss the prime time to mate your bitch.


Our services can be performed:
• At our premises by our trained staff.
1. Drop off service – You drop your dog’s blood off at our premises and we will text or email your results in approximately 30      minutes.
Price: £25.00
2. Bloods taken and tested – Bloods taken from the dog and tested. Results text or emailed to you within 90 minutes.
Price: £40.00

• Home collection service in a 10-mile radius: We will be providing a ‘blood collection service’ within a 10-mile radius from DE65. Our staff will collect your bloods from your home address and text/email your results within approximately 90 minutes. Price: £40.00 For further distances, prices available on request.


These services will be available during the following hours:

• Drop Off Service: 07:00-23:00 7 days a week
• Bloods taken and tested: 08:30-17:30 Monday-Saturday
• Home Collection Service: 07:00-23:00 7 days a weeks

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