New to the OB team is our outstanding fawn boy Louie! Chocolate cream and tan carrying.
(AyAtBbEekyky)HC and DM tested clear available for stud. PROVEN and of SUPERB PEDIGREE. Louie has a large head with a lovely bone structure, correct movement and a beautiful temperamet.
He is from the world famous spolbo Kennels.
His sire is the super quality maker FELIX.
grandad is the amazing world renowned MULTI COLOUR CARRYING “BOLT” dam is beautiful visual”CHOCOLATE CREAM”KOZYRNAYA KARTA.

With the demand of fit and healthy puppies being so high, Louie has been brought into help Ronnie. With many champions in his blood lines, this makes him ideal. He has been recently sperm tested on 1st  jan 2017, with a 94% mobility count recorded.

Louie has a fun loving character, bags of personality and can only be describe as a man’s best friend. He is loving and affectionate with children just like his team mates Claud and Omar. To avoid disappointment, we strongly recommend that you book your bitch in at the very early stages of the bitches season as we have to rest our stud dogs in between different bitches coming for a mating service.

All prices include a pre-mate ovulation test, boarding with us for the duration of the mating period and all matings whether by artificial insemination or natural. A pregnancy scan which we will book in for around 28 days after the recorded mating date is also included in this price.

Price: £600


For your own peace of mind OB offer pictures or a video of your bitch being mated to ensure you are 100% confident about the service provided.  All footage must be viewed at time of collecting your bitch and remains the property of OB. (Please not the footage will be deleted shortly after your bitch leaves our premises).

The ovulation test on all bitches is to ensure  your girl is mated at the most optimum time, which is when the eggs are soft and she is most fertile. This helps to maximize the success of conceivement.

We offer an artificial insemination service for all breeds, which is a very clean, disease free way of mating. If preferred we offer a natural mating too.

All bitches that come to us are fully looked after with VIP treatment, which includes a beautiful garden & safe surroundings guarded & protected by high performance security cameras and alarms. Our photographs illustrate where your bitch will spend a few days.

If for whatever reason your bitch does not conceive first time then we offer a second mating free of charge except the  pre-mate test which is chargeable at £50.

Boarding Service

OB will keep you informed during the mating process but after your bitch has been successfully mated it is important that you plan to pick her back up as soon as possible.

(For every day your bitch has to stay with us thereafter then there will be an extra charge of £25 per day for a boarding service).


We offer a pick up & drop off service. Our vans are fully equipped with air-conditioned units within the cages. As you know some Bulldogs can suffer from heat exhaustion and stress that can cause problems on the journey. This service is charged at £1 a mile (one way).

Health Check

A Health check is completed on your bitch before she is left with us and on collection to ensure there are no issues.  Oliver Bulldogs will do their utmost to care for your bitch whilst in our possession but are not responsible for any conditions that may occur thereafter.  We will keep you updated if we have any concerns regarding their welfare whatsoever.

Customer Feedback On Louie

Louie is a new OB Stud, So is Awaiting Testimonials!

Check Out Some Of Louie Pups!

Louie is a new OB Stud.

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