Caesarean Sections & Puppy Aftercare

Caesarean section and whelping service after care is £595 – only available to customers who have used the OB stud service.

You can drop your bitch off with us a day or so before she is due so we can keep an eye on the progression of labour.

The caesarean section will be performed at our independent vets who are very professional in dealing with bulldogs & includes dealing with any complications during the operation – eg. blood transfusions, oxygen, antibiotics etc.

All puppies are checked for deformities and abnormalities at the time of birth – eg. cleft palates, cleft lips.

Can Bulldogs give birth naturally?

A frequently asked question – many bulldogs can self whelp, however conditions such as primary inertia and small litters can cause the need for veterinary intervention. We prefer to trust in today’s skilled veterinarians and modern advances in surgery to avoid any possible whelping problems and request that bulldog puppies are delivered by caesarean section. If you have bred puppies before in any other breed it is quite possible to try to safely self whelp a bulldog bitch as your past experience would identify if you needed to seek help. Whelping a bulldog as your first breeding experience without experienced help is not recommended for novices.

Up to 6 hours after care for mum and pups, incubation of the pups ensuring they get the best start in life.

Planning is the key to a successful delivery and healthy pups. At Oliver Bulldogs we take all the pressure off the owner by looking after the bitch a day or so before she is due to give birth, we will know when it is the right time to go to the vets for the caesarean section, delivering too early can cause great complications.


As an added service we can look after your puppies for up to 3 weeks after birth. This is crucial part of the survival of the pups which require 24 hour around the clock care. We recommend using this service as the time and effort to do this yourself can be very stressful and tiring. With our skilled puppy carers we can provide the best care for your pups during this time.

Duration Price
1 Week £400
2 Weeks £700
3 Weeks £1000
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