Colour Testing

The D locus is the primary locus associated with diluted pigment, which results in coats that would otherwise be black or brown instead showing up as grey, or blue in the case of black, and pale brown or Isabella in the case of brown. The melanophilin gene has recently been shown to be responsible, but not all of the dilute causing mutations have been identified yet.

A recessive mutation in the melanophilin gene was identified as the cause of colour dilution phenotypes in the dog. Two alleles (variants) are described: the dominant full colour (D) and the recessive dilute (d). Two copies of dilute are needed to lighten black pigment to grey (often called blue) and red pigment to cream (also called buff). A diagnostic DNA test identifies the specific variants of the MLPH gene.

This test can be completed on all breeds of dogs & can take up to 7 working days to get the results back with certificate.

Price (including VAT) – £50

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