Whelping Box

The whelping box alone: £10 per week

Whelping box including heat lamp and bulb: £15 per week

Flat pack and new lightweight construction that comes in three sizes:-

S 68cm square

M 86cm square

L 94cm square

Air Purifiers

OB recognise the importance of a clean pure atmosphere for your new  born puppies to older grown bulldogs as infections can spread easily. We now use the latest in air purification to keep all dog  free & safe from those diseases and infections in the air.

We use this to create and maintain a healthy room climate throughout the year with this two-in-one air cleaner and humidifier. The machine uses HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air Filter) and active carbon filters to remove even the smallest particles as well as odours from the air. The only HEPA system available with built-in humidification, this appliance efficiently reduces the levels of air pollutants such as pollen, dust, animal hair and mites creating a room climate in which allergy sufferers, in particular, can take a deep breath. The two HEPA filters and the active carbon filter capture 99.97 per cent of particles larger than 0.3 microns, ensuring a dramatic reduction in a room’s pollutant content.

We aim to keep and maintain a clean and disease free atmosphere for every dog!


Puppy incubator with the following features:-

Automatically controlled fan heated cabinet.
Maintains pre-set temperature with auto cut out.
Easily maintained hygienic environment.
Good visibility of puppies within the unit at all times.

As used by many veterinary specialists!

A must for all serious breeders.

Available to hire up to 5 weeks.


Time Period Price
1 Week £60
2 Weeks £110
3 Weeks £150
4 Weeks £180
5 Weeks £200
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