Natural Mating

Some of the problems mentioned on the mating assistance page relating to natural bitch mating can be overcome or prevented by the use of a breeding table. The table constrains the bitch in a position that is easily accessible for the stud and at the same time releases some of the weight off the bitch’s back.

The breeding table does not prevent the transmission of infections, nor does is it a method of preventing the long tie, which can be a common cause of injury and overheating. It does offer to keep the bulldogs in a position that is more comfortable for the stud during the tie.

Natural mating is usually more suited to breeders within closer localities; it is preferable for a stud dog not to be used for artificial insemination before he has ever naturally mounted a bitch as it often proves difficult to get him to mount a bitch afterwards.

If you wish to mate your bulldog naturally and you need a professional to coordinate the event, then please do not hesitate to contact us

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