Ovulation Testing

There is a technique that can be used to monitor the distinct changes of the female dog reproductive cycle. Vaginal cytology is used to detect when the bitch enters her fertile point of season, therefore determining the optimum time for mating.

The technique is considerably useful when having to travel long distances to the stud dog or on bitches who have unexplainably missed on previous occasions. Slides are taken over a number of days with optimum results between days 5 and 7.

A blood test is done on day 9 of a bitches season to obtain the accurate time for mating. Some bitches will ovulate on day 9. There has been occasions where the bitch will ovulate as late as day 18. This is why it is so important to do the blood test to obtain the perfect time for mating.

Ovulation test is charged at £60.00 per blood test

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