Pet Pregnancy Scanning

OB offer an out of hours pregnancy scanning service for breeders with bitches who need to be checked for puppy retention.

You may bring your bitches to us for scanning, or we offer a mobile service.

Most bitches tend to whelp at night, our charges for this service are determined by the time of the examination.

What are the benefits of having your bitch scanned?

  • Determine if the pregnancy is phantom or actual
  • Planning ahead for your show season and marketing
  • Acclimatise your bitch to her whelping quarters sooner
  • Make recommended adjustments to diet
  • Inform your customers earlier

Scanning is a non invasive procedure and is entirely safe; there is no requirement to sedate your bitch as the scanning is performed in the standing position whatever the breed. There is a water based gel that we use on the stomach region which aids in a clearer picture; on some breeds a very small amount of hair might have to be clipped away to allow the probe contact with the skin; this is only ever carried out with the owner’s permission.

Daytime Hours Pregnancy Scanning
Pregnancy Scanning 8am – 8pm £25.00
Mobile Pregnancy Scanning £30.00 (+£0.60 per mile each way)
Out of hours
8PM – 11PM £35.00
11PM – 6AM £50.00
6AM – 8AM £45.00

Pregnancy detection can take place 28 days onwards from the last mating session. 28 days is the optimum time for estimating the amount of puppies that are due.

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